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About the Wind Tunnel

Ski jumper in the Darko Technologies Wind Tunnel

The Darko Technologies Wind Tunnel in Ogden, Utah is the only wind tunnel west of Detroit that is large enough for testing full-scale vehicles and useable by the public.

With its proximity to the recreational Rocky Mountains as well as the world famous Bonneville Salt Flats, Ogden is the perfect location for a wind tunnel for racers of all types.

Top racers know that aerodynamic testing is essential for anyone desiring to maximize their speed through air. This new wind tunnel is perfect for racing vehicles, cyclists, skiers, or anything else moving fast through the air.

All of these can now be tested at the Darko Technologies Wind Tunnel.

“We just spent a very informative day in the new Darko wind tunnel ... it’s all about the air...”
-Tom Burkland

“Having data to support the car’s 300 mph aerodynamic stability was worth the price of admission by itself. We had a fun time, learned a lot and didn’t break any parts.”
- Rex Svoboda